Buch Außenansicht

Wo die Hoffnung wohnt

[Rita Lass] One-sheet print for cutting and folding
4-color offset print on newsprint paper
open 76.8 × 49.4 cm, folded 19.2 × 24.7 cm, 15000 copies. (double page in special supplement Christ & Welt in the weekly newspaper
DIE ZEIT No. 52), 3rd part of a four-part series, curatorially accompanied by an interview with Ulrike Surmann
(Curator of Kolumba – Art Museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne)
Halle (Saale) and Hamburg, 2018

The management and editorial staff of “Christ & Welt,” the independent supplement of the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT, have asked Kolumba’s curatorial team to curate a double page spread in each of the four issues during Advent. Instead of self-promotion for Kolumba, it became an exhibition format and gave space for art with changing cooperation partners, who have been accompanying the art museum for years. The four issues pursued an institutional, medial and geographical diversity that was thoughtful, critical, dingy and cheerful. The design of the double pages was editorially accompanied by full-page individual interviews with the four curators.
The third issue was realized in cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria, which decided to recommend Rita Lass for the design of the panorama page. – In the end, it became an artist’s booklet to cut out.