What I offer …

I enjoy sharing my knowledge.

I offer courses at various locations for individuals seeking to enhance their artistic knowledge, experiment, and engage in creative activities within a community atmosphere. I aim to not only teach different techniques, but to awaken the creative potential of the course participants, encouraging them to develop their own ideas, vary what they have learned, and adapt it to their own needs. For participants, the top priority is to experience enjoyment in the artistic working process and bring their creative visions to life.

Courses available upon request (individual lessons also available)

bookbinding for beginners
advanced bookbinding
book repair
boxes, cassettes, and cartons
experimental relief printing techniques
woodcut, linocut, linol etching
Pochoir (stencil graphics)
nature printing
kitchen lithography
decorated paper and graphic techniques (stencil and swipe stencil techniques, reserve techniques, monotype, relief and mixed techniques, paste paper techniques, frottage)
optical toys (mutoscope, zoetrope, phenakistiscope, folioscope, thaumatrope)
toys made from recycled materials

Help in assessing printmaking techniques

The classification, assessment and description of print works of already deceased artists becomes difficult at the point when they have deviated from the classical printing techniques and have experimented. Partly own names for experimental techniques were invented, which irritate and lay a wrong track. Through my many years of practical experience, many experiments and pushing the limits of original graphic printing techniques, it is possible for me to give hints and explanations about the process of creation when viewing the originals. In addition, I am in exchange with other experts who share with me the joy of printmaking experiments.