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Warum der Ostwind frösteln lässt (Why east wind chills)

Dylan Thomas, Atelier für Buchkunst und Gestaltung Claudia Richter, Halle (Saale) 2017
Unique binding for the artist’s book by Claudia Richter (outside the numbering)
three-sided half-leather binding in case and box
17 × 27 cm, 2018

Three-sided half-leather binding with pale pink coloured maroquin leather with dark grey leather endbands. Bord-à-bord decorated paper on the outside of the boards. The paper is printed and dyed with transparent layers of delicate red and blue offset ink. It captivates through the depth of the colours it has created. A discreet tooled pattern with creamy white pigment foil provides an additional visual and tactile appeal. The light greenish endpapers are also hand-dyed in several layers and form a transition to the delicate light blue graphics and the light grey printed text inside the artist’s book by Claudia Richter. The book is protected by a pale pink case in a box that picks up on the colourfulness of the endpapers.

The artist’s book »Warum der Ostwind frösteln lässt« (Why east wind chills) with the poem by Dylan Thomas is part of the joint project »Winterreise« (winter journey), which the book artists Annegret Frauenlob, Friederike von Hellermann, Rita Lass, Sven Märkisch and Claudia Richter embarked on. A total of five different artist’s books were produced, each with 10 copies Roman numbered, in a box and 8 single copies Arabic numbered. This copy was additionally created as one of two unique bindings and provided another opportunity for an artistic exchange between Rita Lass and Claudia Richter.