I offer

I enjoy sharing my knowledge.

I offer courses at various locations for individuals seeking to enhance their artistic knowledge, experiment, and engage in creative activities within a community atmosphere. I aim to not only teach different techniques, but to awaken the creative potential of the course participants, encouraging them to develop their own ideas, vary what they have learned, and adapt it to their own needs. For participants, the top priority is to experience enjoyment in the artistic working process and bring their creative visions to life.

Courses available upon request (individual lessons also available):

  • bookbinding for beginners
  • advanced bookbinding
  • book repair
  • boxes, cassettes, and cartons
  • experimental relief printing techniques
  • woodcut, linocut
  • Pochoir (stencil graphics)
  • nature printing
  • kitchen lithography
  • decorated papers (stencil and swipe stencil techniques, reserve techniques, monotype, relief and mixed techniques, paste paper techniques)
    optical toys (mutoscope, zoetrope, phenakistiscope, folioscope, thaumatrope)
  • toys made from recycled materials

I also offer artistic book concepts, from brainstorming to the finished product.

The term “book” stands for a multitude of variations of bound and unbound sheets. Each project, whether a book, notebook, or loose-leaf collection, should embody its own unique essence and distinction, becoming something extraordinary. Typography, book design, graphics, and binding are the key components in understanding a book in all its facets. They should fit the book. Each element is subject to the same high standards. That’s why I consider comprehensive, competent, and above all individual consultation to be decisive. I take my time and attend to the clients.
As a book artist, I am able to structure idea fragments and combine them into unique concepts, even if the client’s visions are unclear, due to my long-standing experience with the book and paper media.

The development of experimental binding techniques, the creation of containers, the design and production of bindings and decorated papers, the application of various printing techniques and their variations (letterpress and various relief printing techniques, intaglio, lithography, screen printing), and the integration of the computer for design and printing preparation are all part of developing book concepts and bringing them to life for me. I am flexible in meeting customer needs and developing alternatives if certain visions are not feasible. I advise on the selection of paper and paper qualities, printing techniques, typeface, composition, and binding techniques, suitable for the content of each book.